David Cole – Lead Consultant

The Problem

Do you have one of the following
      ¨   Slow-running program or application requiring excessive clock time to complete
      ¨   Costly program or application consuming excessive system resources


The Solution

We have a proven track record in improving the performance of such applications. A small team consisting of one or two highly-skilled consultants uses a variety of tools and techniques to evaluate applications requiring excessive clock time or consuming excessive system resources. Inefficiencies are found and corrected, and key elements of program flow are redesigned, resulting in optimal performance for the application.

 Past performance improvement projects have resulted in 40-90% reductions in run-time and 20-95% reductions in CPU time, thus improving on-line response time, shortening batch windows, and greatly reducing CPU usage costs.


The Environment

This service is available for applications utilizing a variety of languages and environments:

¨   IMS DB/DC ¨   COBOL, COBOL II / 370 / MVS, Micro Focus COBOL
¨   DB2 ¨   PL/I
¨   CICS ¨   Assembler
¨   IDMS ¨   SAS
¨   MVS ¨   Telon
¨   TSO/ISPF/DMS ¨   others



The Service

David Cole is fully involved in every project and can provide one or two additional consultants when appropriate. We encourage you to take a few minutes to check our references. Satisfied clients are our number one priority!

 We are here to help you with your problem programs. The fact that you will likely save far more in future processing cost than you spend on our services makes taking advantage of this service an easy choice even in today’s world of constricting Information Systems budgets.

Call us for a free consultation.


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