About Us...

David and Sue live in a suburb just northeast of Fort Worth, Texas, and just west of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

Sue is a Director of Industrial Products Marketing for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF), which is one of the two largest railroads in the U.S., and is based here in Fort Worth.  She grew up in Crookston, Minnesota, went to Concordia University, then to University of North Dakota (BBA Finance), then moved to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in 1985.  She has been in the Forth Worth area since 1992.  She went to grad school at night at the University of Texas at Arlington and got her MPA (Master of Professional Accounting) in 1997.

David is self-employed as a residential real estate developer and loving it.  He and his partners buy land, rezone it if needed, have it platted, and do the construction of the streets, utilities, drainage, water, sewer, etc., then sell the lots to custom home builders.  For many years David was self-employed as a consultant.  He did computer programming, primarily working on large MRP (manufacturing resource planning) and ERP (SAP) systems for various Aerospace and Defense contractors, as well as doing "mainframe application performance enhancement" for those and other companies (see msiNOW.com), and worked from home most of the time.  David has continued to do a little part-time consulting when one of his former clients needs some help with a project or problem, and is currently doing a full-time gig on an SAP conversion project for a local defense contractor while waiting for the local real estate market to recover.  David grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and went to Texas Tech University (BBA Management Information Systems, BBA Accounting).  He has been in the Fort Worth area since 1986.

We were both born in 1963.  We met in 1996 and were married in 1997.  We have no kids and two dogs (Turner and Hooch, both born September 10, 2000).  We love travel, water sports, snow skiing, and spending time with each other, friends, and family.  We each have two siblings and we have five nephew's and one niece.  Sue's interests also include cooking and piano, while David enjoys Radio Controlled Gliders, camping and fishing.

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