Family Pictures

Yes, these pictures are really old, sorry....will try to update some of them when time allows.  Madison is 15 (as of Nov 2008) and I don't even have a picture of our youngest nephew Collin or of Julie's husband Clair on here.  While Julie and Rod remain good friends and Rod remains as much a part of our family as ever, they haven't been married for some time.

Click on any picture to see an enlargement:

David_and_Sue.jpg (71112 bytes)

David and Sue

jack_mary.jpg (63904 bytes)

Sue's Parents, 

Jack and Mary

Keith.jpg (103847 bytes)

David's Dad,  Keith
1941 - 1999

Jim_Shirley.jpg (77006 bytes)

David's Mom and Stepfather,
Shirley and Jim

Shirley_David_Sue_Jim.jpg (91270 bytes)

David and Sue,

Mom and Jim

dogs6.jpg (59473 bytes) 

Our puppies,
Turner and Hooch

th1.jpg (45520 bytes)

Turner and Hooch

th3.jpg (48298 bytes) 

Turner and Hooch

Julie_Rod.jpg (90569 bytes)

David's sister Julie and her husband Rod

Julie_Rod_Madison.jpg (101536 bytes)

Julie, Rod, and their son Madison

Madison.jpg (34585 bytes)

Our nephew Madison

me_n_beau.jpg (21464 bytes)

David's stepbrother Tom and his dog Beau

4guys.jpg (47189 bytes)

Rod, Tom, David, and Madison

Nancy_Brett_Finn2.jpg (143469 bytes)

Sue's sister Nancy, her husband Brett, and their son Finn

Finn.jpg (66065 bytes)

Our nephew Finn

finn_stella.jpg (63214 bytes)

Our nephew Finn and our niece Stella

Grandma.jpg (69948 bytes)

Sue's grandmother Elsie with Nancy, Brett, and Finn

Tim_MB3.jpg (65820 bytes)

Sue's brother Tim and his wife Mary Beth

liam_cormac.jpg (59072 bytes)

Tim and Mary Beth's sons, our nephews Liam and Cormac

Tim_MB2.jpg (53799 bytes)

Tim and MB with Spike


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