David's List - 2005

Remember these are just suggestions for anyone needing ideas -- any ideas you have are welcome.

  1. Linked ring puzzles, medium to extra difficult or severe.  In "Uncle's Puzzles" line I already have Grand Wizzard, The Ladder, Pentagon, and The Ring.  You can do a google.com search on Uncle's puzzles.  Or look for other lines -- I like the really tough ones for myself, but I like the easier ones, too, as they make good introductory puzzles for kids who come to our house (or adults who have been drinking).
  2. Gift Certificate -- Walmart or Target or Lowes or Home Depot or JC Penney or Acadamey Sports or Half.com
  3. Rechargeable flashlight (normal or small size with wall plug that flips up to charge -- no cord)
  4. Real Estate Development books I want (check Half.com or Amazon.com to see if a reasonably priced one is available at the moment -- they come and go):  "Professional Real Estate Development" by Richard B. Peiser (2003 edition);  "Residential Land Development Practices: A Textbook on Developing Land into Finished Lots" by David E. Johnson
  5. Books by Orson Scott Card:  "The Worthing Saga" and "Enchantment"
  6. Books by Greg Iles:  Mortal Fear, The Quiet Game, Blood Memory, Black Cross, or Spandau Phoenix
  7. Books by Robert Newton Peck:  "A Day No Pigs Would Die" and "Soup" (the first in the Soup series)
  8. Any or none of the above, and/or ideas you have are great as well.


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