David's List - 2007

In work......

Suggestions for anyone needing ideas....

  1. Desktop charger and car charger for Nokia 6103 cell phone battery -- $5.99 + $4.89 + $4.99 shipping = $15.87 total at cellphoneshop.net:
  2. PaperPro® Prodigy® 25-sheet Stapler -- It does not have to say "Prodigy" -- some packaging leaves off that word, but I do want Model 1110, 1117, or 1118 only.  Uses regular staples, and I already have way more than I need (anybody want a box?), so no staples please.  Should be under $30 including tax and shipping.  Here is one source:  http://www.nextag.com/ACCENTRA-PaperPro-Prodigy-Spring-84842129/prices-html
  3. The first four books in Larry Niven's "Known Space Series" -- 1. World of Ptavvs; 2. Gift From Earth; 3. Neutron Star; 4. All the Myriad Ways.  (used is wonderful, see half.com)
  4. Book by Andy Andrews called "The Traveller's Gift" (there is also a version of it with the USA spelling "The Traveler's Gift" -- used is wonderful, see half.com)
  5. Book by Orson Scott Card:  "Enchantment" (used is wonderful, see half.com)
  6. Books by Greg Iles:  Mortal Fear, The Quiet Game, Blood Memory, Black Cross, or Spandau Phoenix (used is wonderful, see half.com)
  7. Gift Certificate -- Walmart or Target or Lowes or Home Depot or JC Penney or Acadamey Sports or Half.com
  8. Any or none of the above, and/or ideas you have are great as well -- Sue can confirm whether or not I'd be likely to use something.


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