Usual disclaimer applies -- I am not affiliated with any RC company, I'm just another flier.

This site is directed primarily at those persons considering building their first R/C Sailplane, as well as anyone who finds themselves making suggestions to such persons.  However, the Sailplane Links page offers some good links for newbies and experts alike.

If you are asking the question "What the heck is a R/C Sailplane?", take a look at  R/C Sailplanes for a pretty good description.  Another good overview can be found at Extreme Products.  There are also plenty of other links to good information on my links page, Sailplane Links.  By the way, the terms SAILPLANE and GLIDER are usually used interchangeably.

I got interested in R/C Sailplanes in November 1999.  The Highlander 2-meter was the first R/C plane I built -- I started flying it in January 2000.  I finished building my second plane, a DAW 1-26 HLG 1.5 meter that I will use for slope soaring, in June 2000.  I started flying my third plane, an Orion HLG (hand launch glider, 1.5 meter) for thermal HLG flying, in March 2000.  The Orion is a pre-built plane, so that is why it was flying before my second plane (plus I'm a slow builder).  You will find a picture of an Orion and many pictures of my Highlander on my Highlander Pictures page.  Pictures of my DAW 1-26 HLG are on my DAW 1-26 Pictures page.  I completed a Spirit 2-meter ARF (almost ready to fly) in March 2001, and am now building a Mosquito Hawk .75-meter (will use for small slopes and in the front yard) and an XTerminator HLG that I am working on when I can find the time.

I'm no expert, but I did a lot of research before selecting and building my first glider.  I have gathered information from my own experience and expert help I received from the rec.models.rc.soaring newsgroup and from people in my soaring club and put it on this web site.  I am doing this so that other people can find lots of good information in one place, helping them to get from planning to flying sooner.  For me, the flying is the fun part, not the research or the building!

If you have questions, please feel free to email me.  If I do not know the answer, I will try to find someone who does or offer some suggestions as to where you might be able to find an answer.  Lots of people helped me get started in this fine hobby, and I am glad to pass that on to others.

Please note that this is the first Web site I have ever created, and it was construction in pieces "here and there."  I know it is not beautiful, but hopefully it contains information that will make your visit worthwhile.  It is no longer being actively maintained, so some of the information may be outdated, but I think it is still a good starting point for beginners and it still contains some useful information for non-beginners, so I leave it out there.  Please email any questions, comments or suggestions to me.  Just click here:   Send Me Mail

If you happen to live in the Fort Worth area, you may be interested to know that while I am a member of the Soaring League of North Texas (SLNT) in Mesquite (east Dallas), we have a group that flies regularly in North Richland Hills, where we have access to a wonderful field for thermal flying.  We also do some slope soaring at various locations around the area.  (Update -- I am no longer an active member of SLNT, as I am not willing to drive that far to fly these days.  It is still a good club.)

David Cole
Fort Worth, Texas (actually Hurst, TX for those familiar with the area)

Link to Home Page of my club, the Soaring League of North Texas (SLNT):

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