DAW 1-26 HLG Mods

Here are some answers to an email I received.  They explain some of the details of how to work the removable wing and removable horizontal stabilizer that were not on my main DAW 1-26 Page:

> Do you have to tape or do something else to get the wing to stay in place each time you remove it?
3m Super 77 sprayed lightly on center section of wing (just once, note each time, and let it dry well before installing wing) makes it stay in place.

> Also, I saw your picture of how you mounted the horizontal stabilizer in place, looks like two screws 
> with a plastic rectangle.
Plastic was cut from an old cassette tape.  It forms a washer and larger flat area that the bolts hold down.  Bought 2 nylon bolts (#8-32, 1/2" long) with matching nuts.

> What did you put underneath that the screws mount into?
I roughed up the outside edges of the nylon nuts mentioned above, since it is hard to glue nylon (it is very slick) to anything and get it to stay.  Drilled two holes in outer plastic rectangle and two matching holes in a section of popsicle stick.  Glued (hot melt glue melted into the nylon, and some Household Goop) the nylon nuts to the underside of the popsicle stick.  Cut a cube of foam out of the flat part of the tail end of the fuse where you are supposed to glue the horizontal stab, then put in the popsicle stick (nuts down, wood up -- oops, that sounds bad....) with some Goop to glue it in, then glued the foam plug on top (after melting holes for the bolts).  Slid a couple of 1/2" sections of bamboo skewers into the coroplast slots between the two nylon bolts so that it doesn't collapse the coroplast and can be mounted firmly to avoid slop.

> Also what happens to the vertical fin (can't remember what you call the thing with the rudder on it).
> Does it stay glued in the fuselage?
Yes, stays glued in.  The fuse and vertical stab are about as tall as the wing is wide, so it lays nicely on top of the wing in the box.

[See DAW 1-26 Pictures for picture of this modification]

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