DAW 1-26 HLG Shopping List -- What you need to get started

Here is a sample shopping list.  Keep two things in mind:  First, this list is designed for someone who is starting from scratch.  Second, you may not want to get the same things I got.  For example, I chose a Hitec Flash 5G System X, but you may want a different radio.

If you find better prices or sources, please let me know so I can update this info for the next person.  These prices are as of December 1999, so keep that in mind.

As for Northeast Sailplane Products, I have mixed reactions to my experience in dealing with them.  For details, click My experience with buying from NSP.  Cermark is great to deal with.

You might want to check out T&G Hobbies -- they claim to provide any item from NSP, MAD Aircraft, Hitec, FMA Direct, and others, but at 10-50% discount.  I gave them a try on a recent order of several items from various vendors and was quite pleased with their service and prices.  See note at bottom of page for a source for servos and receivers.

DAW 1-26 HLG

http://www.davesaircraftworks.com/  Manufacturer's site.  Price $59.95 + $5.00 S/H in Cont. U.S.  (CA Residents add $4.65 sales tax).  Excellent customer support  :-)

http://www.hobbybarn.com/gliders_sailplanes_slope.htm  Price: $52.99 + $?.?? s/h

Hitec Flash 5G System X (comes with: *3 HS-81 Micro Servos *RCD Micro "555" 5 Channel Dual Conversion/ Narrow Band Receiver * All Mounting Hardware, Frequency Flags, 600 Mah Transmitter & 270 Mah Receiver Nicads * 110 volt Wall Charger)  

Servos - 2 HS-81 or 85 for rudder/elevator (MG optional) and 2 HS-81MG or 85MG for ailerons (naturally you only need rudder/elevator servos if building the polyhedral version)

$193.99 at  http://www.hobbyhorse.com/ (800)604-6229  Mix and match to get two HS-81MG or HS85MG servos 

Cermark $198.99, (800)704-6229

Major Hobby 195.50, http://www.majorhobby.com/  

Not all vendors will mix and match servos like Hobby Horse will.

This is the radio that was most recommended to me as a beginner.  I am recommending it on that basis alone -- I have no experience with any other radios.  See Choosing Your First Radio.

If you already have a radio, you will need to order servos, receiver (rx), and battery pack.

See above for servo and rx details.

Sanyo 4N350AAC battery pack (350 mAh, same size and weight as 270 mAh pack) ($10.80 + $2.00 for Hitec connector) Cermark (800)704-6229.  The flat pack is the best choice for the 1-26 HLG.

Three 6" extensions (two for aileron servos, one for battery). You only need one for the polyhedral version....

Cermark (800)704-6229  $3.50 each.  Part# if using Hitec rx and servos is 243JR6.  Gold.

Peak charger (this is optional -- allows you to recharge batteries at the field if you fly long enough to run them down)

I bought a used peak charger from a friend.

Expoxy glue

(Get both mid- and quik-cure.  Use mid for construction, quik for repairs.  Mid=12-15 min, quik=5 min.)

Hardware store or Hobby store

3m super 77 spray adhesive

Hardware store or Hobby store.  One can.

Household Goop by Eclectic Products – one tube is enough, don’t use too much or it gets heavy, and a little is very strong from what I found – put it on then spread it thin (I used a popsicle stick to spread it).  No cap for the long spout – I used masking tape.

Hardware store, Target, K-Mart, or Walmart

Scotch 3M Super Strength Strapping Tape, 2" – one roll.  Lightweight 3/4" strapping tape, one roll.

Target, K-Mart, Walmart all carry the 2" SS strap tape, but you have to look hard.  It is on a red plastic dispenser and is usually just one slot in the midst of tons of mailing tape.  $1.99 per roll.

Mini servo savers

Not needed if you use metal gear servos, and you should definitely use the MG servos or you will keep stripping the gears, which is a real pain and ends up costing more than the MG servos.

Exacto blades and breakaway knife blades or Stanley 2” razor knife

Hardware Store

Dave Thornburg’s Old Buzzard’s Soaring Book – great stuff!!

$16.95 postpaid from author "David Thornburg, 5 Monticello, Albuquerque, NM 87123".

Covering – Regular Ultracote or Ultracote Lite (transparent yellow, transparent red, etc.) Transparent colors weigh less (thus lite), but do not look as good on a foamie.  Choice between weight and appearance.

$10.95 NSP (available at most hobby stores or online vendors)  Get two rolls.

(For best visibility, use dark color on fuselage and bottom of wing, use light color on top of wing.  Or make it as pretty as you can if you prefer.)  

Note that Oracover and Ultracote are exactly the same thing, even made in the same factory.

Wax paper

Grocery store

Covering iron

Hobby shop. (I used a regular iron and a heat gun)

80 and 150 grit sandpaper

Hardware store

Tow hook for hi-start. Not needed if you will only be slope flying.  I used a small eye-hook I got at the hardware store, and bent it open so that it was more or less L-shaped.  Email me if you need info on how to install.

Small Hi- Start (up-start) such as Pinnacle S from NSP.

Not needed if you will only be slope flying.  See Winch, Hi-Start, Up-Start, Zip-Start, Bungee, Zoom??

Hinge Tape

Only needed for aileron version OR if you decide to build polyhedral version with balsa tail rather than the coroplast tail provided.

You can use thicker clear plastic mailing tape or 3m plastic tape (like electrical tape but not black) or you can buy "hinge tape" at:

local hobby store or http://www.planes-wings-things.com or call (818) 545-7567.  (1.0" x 10 ft $5.00)

Hinge Tape (10 feet) $4.95 http://www.nesail.com/gapseal.html

Knob Hill Enterprises Bonk Tape $19.95 http://www.nesail.com/bonktape.html

A note about servos and receivers:  For additional purchases of servos and receivers for your next plane, see note at bottom of Choosing Your First Radio page for some cheap places to buy them.

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