DAW 1-26 HLG Pictures

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daw_126_3.jpg (53570 bytes)

My Finished Glider -- top view

daw_126_1.jpg (50862 bytes)

Bottom view

daw_126_4.jpg (65722 bytes)

Another top view

daw_126_5.jpg (22686 bytes)

Detail of reinforcement
(see DAW 1-26 HLG Page)

daw_126_6.jpg (43364 bytes)

Wing-tip shape, aileron holes

daw_126_7.jpg (19784 bytes)

Detail of my placement of servos, battery pack, and rx -- balanced with no additional weight -- click to enlarge

daw_126_8.jpg (20433 bytes)

Left side of fuse, shows how I routed my rx antenna to avoid having it hang out the back -- no range problems**

daw_126_9.jpg (17142 bytes)

Right side of fuse

daw_126_2.jpg (45741 bytes)

My bolt-on (removable) horizontal stab


** No range problems using my gear.  I am using a Hitec 555 rx, Hitec Flash 5X tx.  I have flown it so high in a thermal it was barely more than a speck in the sky with no problems.  Folding antenna back on itself is bad, as is coiling it (or so I've been told), but this meandering approach has worked well for me.  I marked the path with a pen, then melted a shallow groove with a soldering iron.



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