Highlander Pictures

David's pictures:

Day One.  Looked like a mess to me!

I put the battery way up front, as you can see.  I almost didn't have room for the lead I needed -- see the construction tips pages to see how I got the lead to fit.

If you look closely, you can see the plugs for the battery and top servo, as well as an outline I drew on the side of where the receiver is.  You can also see the lower servo.  As you can see, I tried to get everything as close to the nose as I could while still leaving some foam to absorb impact in a crash.

This shows how I kept the control linkages straight -- no curves, no Z bends.

Above is the other linkage routing.


Ready to launch!  The wing is red on bottom, yellow on top, but I reversed the colors on both top and bottom of the right wing tip.  This is supposed to help with orientation, but so far it hasn't been much help -- if the glider is close enough to see the colored tip, it is close enough to tell right from left.  Might help more if I had not angled off the color, thus having twice as much of the other color on the tip.  Upside down is easy because the whole wing color changes from red to yellow from below.

Look, up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane.....

I am now also flying an Orion handlaunch glider (HLG).  It is a pre-built glider available from NSP for $135 - $159 -- see Choosing Your First Glider for details.  The Highlite-HLG appears to be the exact same plane as the V-tail Orion HLG and is available at http://www.aero-model.com/planes/aero/highlite.htm for $149.  Should you get an Orion or Highlite, you should make an easy and lightweight Orion/Highlite Reinforcement BEFORE you install the gear that will avoid cracking the fuse like almost everyone who has one does.  It is much easier and lighter to do this before you have the gear in and have the added weakness of big cracks....  [Note:  the Orion has now been replaced with an improved plane, the Omega (available in poly and aileron versions at NSP, frequently on sale for $169 or less if you watch the weekly specials)].

I built a 1-26 HLG to use at the slope.  Take a look at my DAW 1-26 Pictures page.  I also built a Spirit ARF 2-meter.

I'm currently working on a new high-performance HLG, the XTerminator from Pole Cat Aeroplane Works (who also make the SideWinder DLG).  I also purchased a mosquito class foamie MHLG, the "Mosquito Hawk" from Aerofoam which I need to put together so I can use it on small slopes and in the front yard.

I built a 1-26 HLG to use at the slope.  Take a look at my DAW 1-26 Pictures page.

Mark's pictures:

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The pictures above were generously provided by Mark Sullivan of South Jersey Silent Flyers (SJSF).  Take a look at some of the pictures (click on picture to see full-size version) -- his kit contained warped foam and wood.  He had to replace the trailing edge balsa stock with wood from a hobby shop, which he then had to sand and shape to size.  The manufacturer did not respond when he wrote them about this....  If my kit had looked like his, I doubt I would be recommending the Highlander to anyone!  Anyway, these are some nice pictures of the kit contents, a beautiful aileron version of the Highlander, and a lesson on what you can do with a faulty kit (aside from sending it back and requesting a replacement).  See the Highlander Construction Tips and Links page for Marks construction tips.

Here is a link to Cliff Schwinger's pictures:  http://members.home.net/cliff/h/highlander.htm

Check out Dennis Hevener's Highlander Site for more Highlander pictures and construction tips.

Your pictures:  Do you have a picture of a completed Highlander?  Do you have an "under construction" picture that might help someone else as they build a Highlander?  Email it to me and I will post it here....or if you have a site I will post a link.

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