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Note:  If you find a dead link on this page, please email me and I will fix it.  Thanks!  Also please note that this page (and all my R/C pages) are rather old. Hopefully there is still some useful information here, but don't be surprised to find some very outdated information.


Sailplane Info and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions, with answers)

Soaring FAQ (extensive info)

R/C Sailplanes (good info and glossary)

Extreme Products (overview of R/C Sailplanes and Soaring)

The R/C Soaring Guide (more good info)

Model Airplane FAQ (not just Sailplanes, but still good)

The R/C Battery Clinic (everything you ever wanted to know about RC batteries)


Links to Pages With Lots of Great Links

DARTS links (Vendors, Sailplane Clubs, and RC Organizations like AMA, LSF)

R/C Soaring Links - nice list with descriptions.

Eastern Iowa Soaring Society Links Page -Can't Sleep?  Huge list of links.

Eric Farmer's Links - Alphabetical listing of glider links.

Tower Hobbies Web Directory - Fantastic source for general R/C links (not glider specific).

The Complete RC Websites Index - Great list of links.

Alan T's RC Web Links - Extensive list of general R/C links, including excellent glider links (under "Gliders" and "Foam" and elsewhere) as well as international links grouped by country.

R/C Soaring Links - Nicely done list at, lots of variety here

Tower Hobbies R/C Web - Categorized links, R/C web site search 

A Guide to Building Model Aircraft - Some useful links; page suggested by Boy Scouts in Seattle 


Searching for More Information

Radio Control Soaring Exchange (RCSE) - Web access to search the well known listserv via The Mail Archive.

Radio Control Soaring Exchange (RCSE) - Web access to search the well known listserv via Yahoo Groups.

Radio Control Soaring Exchange (RCSE) - Explains how to subscribe to RCSE (by email - regular or digest version).

rec.models.rc.soaring - Use your newsgroup reader (part of your email program) to subscribe to Newsgroup "rec.models.rc.soaring".  This is a great place to share information, and the newsgroup format is a pleasure to use -- it doesn't flood your inbox with mail.  Similar to RCSE, but newsgroup format rather than email.  Totally different posts from RCSE, just on the same topic -- R/C Soaring.  Fewer of the "big boys" than RCSE, but plenty of expert advice and a MUCH friendlier tone.  Very useful for beginners and experts alike! - Web-based access to newsgroups, if you do not have access to a newsgroup reader

Google Usenet Power Search - Use the advanced search at Google Usenet to search the last 5 years of post to this great newsgroup.  Be sure to specify "rec.models.rc.soaring" for the "Newsgroup".  A fantastic resource to research a sailplane question!


Sailplane Club Sites (just a few of interest to me -- see next topic for more clubs)

Soaring League of North Texas - The club I am in

Houston Hawks Soaring Club  

Heart of Texas Soaring Society - San Antonio, Texas

DARTS - Dayton Area Thermal Soarers

Torrey Pines Gulls - California Club with some great content (check out the index for articles).

South Jersey Silent Flyers - Nice club site where I found some of my links West Michigan Soaring Society


Searching for a Sailplane Club in Your Area -- Check these lists

DARTS links - See list of Sailplane Clubs web sites at top of page

R/C - Select "Clubs" to see a list of clubs with and without web sites

RCSD - Club Links

ESL Member Clubs - Upper East Coast area of USA only

DMOZ.ORG - Club List

Club links at S&E Modeler

Planes, Wings & Things - Clubs and Orgs. list

AMA Club Lists - Find list of clubs for your area or state, then look at each club in your city or metro area.  Since most clubs on this list are for powered planes, look for keywords in the club name like "soar" or "silent" or "glider" or "sail".

If you still haven't located a club, ask at your local hobby shop, or post a message to rec.models.rc.soaring newsgroup, or join RCSE (see info above) and post a message there asking if anyone knows of a club in your area.  And if you do find a club that isn't listed on any of the above lists, be sure to have it added!


Free R/C Simulators

Learning the R/C Orientation Using a Free Simulator -- where to find them and why this is such a good idea for beginners


Slope Flying -- lots of info on slope flying, including a site locator

Fun Locations to Fly Hand Launch Gliders (or any glider or slope plane -- helpful info on finding slope sites in "flat" areas)

Slope Soaring in North Texas -- my page listing info about slope flying, other slope flying links not shown here, and info on slope sites in North Texas


Other Peoples Sailplane Sites

Cliff's 1-26 HLG page 

Cliff's Highlander page 

Cliff's Lil Bird 2 page

Sam's Website 

Team RC - Site of another Fort Worth flier, Raymond Cervantes


A Powered Plane Anyone Can Build and FLY for Under 5 Cents Per Plane in Less Than One Hour - Be sure to use the FREE Blueprints to keep the cost down


Flying Tips

Thermal Surfing Part 1 - Good tips from Horizon Hobby

Thermal Surfing Part 2 - Continuation of tips from Horizon Hobby

When to Launch - Contest Flying Tips


Free Classified Ads for Sailplanes and Accessories



Hand Launch Glider Info

Why Flying HLG is Good


Construction Tips and Links

RDS -- Rotary Drive System - THE way to keep aileron control linkages internal (no external control rods or horns)

Free CAD viewer / printing program - For those brave enough to build from plans, only to find the plans are in a CAD format such as a .dxf file that you can't view or print


Info on how to get much better wind forecasts than you are probably getting now:

Better Wind Forecasts


Hi-start and tubing links:

Winch, Hi-Start, Up-Start, Zip-Start, Bungee, Zoom?? (What the heck are they?)

Hollyday Designs (tubing)

Dream Catcher Hobby (tubing, up-starts)

Skybench Aerotech (tubing, up-starts, hi-starts)

Northeast Sailplane Products (tubing, up-starts, hi-starts, parachutes)

Dynaflite Hi-start (hi-starts) (search for "hi-start") Dynaflite hi-start cheap, AND free shipping

Tower Hobbies (search for "hi-start")

Horizon Hobby (Hangar 9 G-Force hi-starts)

Hobby Lobby (tubing, up-starts, hi-starts, parachutes)

Alan T's RC Web Links - (search for "Bungees" for a list of links for catapults, bungees, and winches)


The July 2000 Model Aviation magazine had an article on p. 96-100 covering hi-starts, including links to more places to get parachutes, line, swivels and snaps.  Email me if you need this info.

(Please email me if you know of other sources to buy hi-starts or tubing)


Vendors (see DARTS links for an extensive list of vendors if the one you want is not listed here)
               (another extensive list is at The Complete RC Websites Index - see "Company" list)


Batteries America (Mr. NiCd) -- good source of NiCd and NiMH cells and battery packs

Blu Dartar -- Makers of the Dartar and Texas Twister HLGs

Cavazos Sailplane Design

Cermark -- (800)704-6229  Great source of battery packs, wires/connectors, Hitec and Airtronics servos and receivers

Chief Aircraft -- I do not recommend this vendor.  Email me if you want to know why....

Dave's Aircraft Works Homepage

DJ Aerotech

Extreme Products 

Future Slope Designs


Hobby Barn

HobbyFlite Inc; RC Model Airplanes

Hobby Horse

Hobby Shack On-Line Catalog

Horizon Hobby

JTModels -- Kite Studio - good source for graphite rods and other construction materials

MAD Aircraft

Major Hobby

Maple Leaf Design

Multiplex RC (Critter Bits)

New Creations R-C

Northeast Sailplane Products

Pole Cat Aeroplane Works -- Makers of the SideWinder and Xterminator HLGs

ServoCity - Low prices on Hitec and Futaba servos and receivers and servo parts - free priority shipping as of 2/2001



T&G Hobbies -- they provide any item from NSP, MAD Aircraft, FMA Direct, and others, but at a 10-50% discount

Thermal-Gromit Works -- Makers of the Goblin HLG and other wing-launch gliders

Tuff Planes -- Manufacturer of high performance radio controlled EPP sailplanes, specializing in Slope Soaring, Dynamic Soaring and Combat

Tower Hobbies


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